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There came a time when my life went through a 'Ctrl, Alt, Delete.' Up to that point, I had lived life from a place of constant numbness, running from one failed relationship to another. During the Great Upheaval, my relationship of more than eleven years had imploded, and my career had taken a nosedive. The Universe had finally found the right two-by-four to wake me up. During the start of this transition, I lived in the beautiful townhouse I had co-owned with my partner. It had become a mausoleum of what didn't work in my life; a space that pulled my energy down, causing me to contract and spend all my time at home in one small bedroom. I took action. First, I stepped over my fear and invested in myself by hiring a life coach to help me to release the dense energy that I had been carrying for so long. Next, I got my place and started to decorate it. The Alchemy of both actions caused my soul to expand and have led to the creation of Your Alchemist Life, where I bring balance and bliss to my clients by helping them release the dense energy in their spirit or their home.

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