Alchemical Coaching

Q.      Are the sessions conducted in-person?

A.     All of the sessions are conducted and recorded via video conference from the comfort of your space.


Q.      Is what we talk about in the sessions shared with anyone?

A.    Confidentiality is a foundation to our relationship. The only time I will share with someone what we discuss in the sessions is 1) if you admit a desire to cause harm to yourself or, 2) if you admit a desire to harm others.


Q.     If our sessions are kept confidential, then why are they recorded and who will have access to the recordings?

A.     I record the sessions for your and my benefit. Often, during a session, topics will be discussed that you or I will want to revisit at a later time, recording the session allows for this. Each recording will be sent to you only, and I maintain a copy.


Q.     What if I can’t make my scheduled session or I am late?

A.   Let me know as quickly as possible, and we can work on rescheduling your session, dependent on my availability. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your session, then it will have to be rescheduled.



Alchemy of Décor

Q.     I don’t live in the Pittsburgh area; can you still work with me

A.    I certainly can! During our conversations about your décor needs and included in our proposal will include reasonable expenses, including travel.


Q.      Are the services you offer limited to those listed?

A.     The services are not limited. If you have a décor project that you would like help with, contact us. With the payment of the initial consultation fee of $100, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the scope of your project. We then will submit a proposal, which will include all the parameters of the project. Note, if you accept the proposal, we apply the $100 initial consultation fee toward your project.



          Q.      Why should I meditate?

A.   The reasons to meditate are many and can vary from person to person. I can tell you that for me, I meditate to keep myself grounded, connected to my guides and universal energy, and to connect with my clients.

Q.      How often and for how long should I meditate?

A.      There is an old Zen proverb that says, “You should meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you are busy, in which case you should meditate for an hour.” For those just starting out with meditation, I suggest 3 to 4 5-minute sessions a week. As one becomes more comfortable with the sessions, increasing the time and frequency.

Q.      Is there a way I can learn more about meditation?

A.   There is. I offer two programs for meditation: Meditation for Beginners and Monthly Meditation. For more about both, visit the Meditation page.


Life Classes

Q.    How are the classes held? Are the in-person or on-line?

A.    The classes are real-time via video conference. Each week, you will participate with all the participants and the Life Class Leader.


Q.      How many people are in each class?

A.      The number of participants will vary from six to eight per class.


Q.      Will I have to share personal information during the class?

A.      As with the other programs offered at NRG Concepts and life, you will only get out of the class what you put into the class. To make the most of your investment it is suggested that you ‘play full out’ in the class.


Have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to Drop Me A Line.

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