Life Classes

NRG Life Classes are a way for clients to work together in small groups to make quantum leaps forward in their lives. Life Classes range in length and topics, but most include:



  • Weekly group meetings via video conference
  • Daily individual lab work
  • Daily lab partner interactions
  • Weekly lab practicums
  • One-on-one sessions with the Life Class leader

Free To Be

Free To Be is the venue for you together with others on a similar path as you make quantum leaps forward in your personal and business lives. For this 12-week class, I offer three levels of support.


Free To Be

  • 12 weekly Group Meetings via video conference
  • Daily Individual Life Work
    • The Life Class Leader will assign Life Work for each participant to complete per the instructions
  • Daily Partner Calls
    • This call will be with appointed member of the class and will be an opportunity for you to share and discuss the assigned topics and progress on your life work
  • Weekly Individual Life Work Reports
    • Individual Life Work Reports will be assigned by the Life Class Leader and will be submitted to all participants on a designated day/time via email
    • The Life Class Leader will review and comment on each person's submission before the next Group Meeting
  • 1 Hour long One on One Session with the Life Class Leader per month (3 total)
  • Email access to the Life Class Leader throughout the program


Free To Be Plus

  • All of the services from Free To Be
  • 2 Hour long One on One Sessions with the Life Class Leader per month (6 total)


Free To Be Premium

  • All of the services from Free To Be
  • 1 Hour long One on One Sessions with the Life Class Leader per week (12 total)


Are you ready to release what you have been carrying, to get authentic with yourself, to be Free To Be?


Do the Tao

The Tao ("dao") is the Chinese word for "way" and is outlined in the book commonly attributed to Lao Tzu called Tao Te Ching. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu passes on wisdom meant for use for leaders and governments. Despite his intent, the messages are one that we can apply to our everyday lives.


Do the Tao is a free on-going series that will dive into the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching and create space for application of the lessons in our lives. In a small group virtual setting, we will discuss one verse per session and create individualized plans for implementing the wisdom in our day-to-day lives.


A. In Pennsylvania

Had my first one-on-one session yesterday and I was genuinely moved and blown away! I am putting our discussion into action! Thank you!


J. In Pennsylvania

Thank you for the encouragement and awesome framework for growth in my journey. You are a fantastic listener, and I look forward to the coaching sessions. I feel my life opening up is so many ways! Well worth the investment!!!

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