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One of the amazing things about my work is being able to meet and work with other people who have the same passion that I have - that of helping others to raise their vibrations, to release what no longer serves and to live life in the golden sweet spot. This blog is an opportunity for me to share this with you.



Feeling Gray

Guest Blogger: Leigh Daniel


I’ve been teaching the Law of Attraction for two years now, and during both teaching and learning, I began to pay attention to energy. Once I began to see how my energy could affect the life I created, I was determined to raise my vibration and create more of what I wanted. Sounds easy, right? Except, I am a divorce lawyer. Imagine, or remember, how it feels when you are seeing your marriage come to an end. The heaviness. The fear. The change. Possibly the conflict. If you don’t know, already these are all low energy vibrations. Becoming aware of it was the first step in preventing the tidal wave of my client’s stress taking the life out of me.


I began to carry crystals when I went to work. I attached a bracelet of natural crystals to my arm and wore it every day. I began to meditate in a copper pyramid filled with crystals. I imagined a golden bubble of light around me. Keeping myself separate from the energy of the person with me was challenging. For twenty years I had let the anxiety of my job get to me. I had taken on all their misery, and the result was a great deal of unhappiness for me. While outwardly I looked successful, on the inside I felt sad and felt hopeless. I know what I was filling my mind with was making itself manifest in my life.


Nowhere did I feel the heaviness more than in the Courthouse. I remember one day walking in the door and feeling the pall of sadness and despair. The faces of the people I met were frowning, worry etched on their brow. Maybe it was the look of the interior. Gray everywhere. The walls a light shade of gray. The courtrooms filled with chairs of gray. The darkness everywhere. I made it through my trial feeling such weight. Why was I so affected? What could I do about it? How did I keep from letting what was around me affect me?


Have you been in situations like this? Where you feel the heaviness of your surroundings? Maybe it’s at your job, or maybe it’s where you are. Are you aware of the impact energy is having on you? We get so busy with what we are doing we often don’t take stock of what the impact the energy around is having. For me, when my eyes were opened, it was like a light bulb had been shone on every aspect of my life. I began to watch my thoughts, my words, and the way the people around me acted and reacted. I stayed away from energy that made me feel low as much as I could and still maintain my position as a trial attorney. I made choices based on how things made me feel. When I first started a friend of mine wanted to watch “dark comedy” for a movie day. Nope. I’m not going to indulge in dark anything purposely. The same friend suffers from depression and goes through bouts of not leaving his home. Any correlation? I can’t speak to that, but I do know it’s not improving his mood to watch hours of tragic circumstances, even if it’s funny. I used to read horror books. I was reading the first few pages of a writer I loved and realized tales of murder were no longer appealing to me.


If you find yourself in situations where your energy is being compromised, think about what is most important to you? For me, it was bolstering my vibration. These are what I consider when patrolling for energy vultures:

  1. I am aware of the power of energy.
  2. I’m clear on what I want the outcome to be. I want my life to be filled with love and light.
  3. I am careful about what I say.
  4. I am careful about what I think.
  5. I write affirmations to make myself feel good.
  6. I avoid situations I know are going to be low vibration.
  7. If I am stuck in a place that doesn’t feel good, I imagine myself above it or encased in a bubble of golden light.
  8. When listening to people who are in a dark place – which I frequently am, I keep pointing them back to the light.
  9. I never forget, even when loaded up with negativity like in the Courthouse, that I am a light filled being.
  10. I feed myself with positive energy by the support of friends and like-minded people.
  11. I surround myself with beautiful things that make me happy.
  12. The most important thing, I know I have a choice.


I hope my list helps and may your life be filled with happiness, joy, and peace! You can find me at where I write on transformation through divorce, being a lawyer, or just to having a better life.

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